Savannah, 6

"My personal experience with Academic Rescue was excellent.

 [Ms. Maloney] was very patient and knowledgable with all of my child's struggle areas. I was impressed with how she reviewed the reports from my child's school and developed a plan to get her to excelling

I highly recommend this tutoring service. This is the best investment for my child". 

-Alyshia B. 

Jasiah, 4

"I enrolled Jasiah into a tutoring program that is suitable for his age and he did amazing.

I know my baby is only in Pre-K 4, but after being out of daycare for over a year I felt this would be interesting to see where he was at academically.

The instructor is AMAZING.

If you have a child that is currently struggling or has been struggling this past year with their academics I would definitely look into Academic Rescue..."

-Danielle B.

Justice, 7

"Academic Rescue has an amazing thing! [My daughter] started at a reading level G, and now she is at a level L/M. That is six levels, y'all! 

It really all came from Academic Rescue consistently

She likes it. She stays engaged. I am going to continue with [Academic Rescue] next year. 

-Shantia M.